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Oct 2, 2021
I’m not giving important info so don’t ask

After the Robloxian Goverment was formed in 2012 A.S, the Dynabloxian people longed for a reformed government of their own. Luke was entering old age. Nobody wanted an old king. His heir to the throne had issued a two party government, by the request of Luke, who knew what the people wanted. Luke had stepped down as king, and in his place was what we now call a president. The people held a vote. The candidates were Alexnewtron, and JuliusColesV2. The people were confused. What was this? Who should they vote for? The candidates held speeches at the Town Hall, and announced their plans.
The people, by large, voted for Alexnewtron. He was happier, and he wanted to repair the Trading Market as well as treating the mid-to-lower-class with more respect. About a month passed, and Alex was finally moved in to rule. He did exactly as promised. He gave to the poor, and he stabilized the market. The people were happy, after all, he did what they asked. On the fifth month of 2012 A.S, Alex received a letter from the Barbarians. Since the Redcliff's were dishonored and pushed out the door, and since there were no new replacements, they rose back up to power, ambushing trade across the land.
The letter wrote, "For years we have trained by the lead of Julius, the one you all pushed out of power. Face us, and show your strength! Are you worthy of a battle, just as the Redcliff's were? Or are you all cowardly and ignore the call of your enemy? Coles has the power you do not! Sincerely, the Barbarians." Alex came out to the people about the letter. The people were eager for war, even looking forward to it.
Alex sent out his men, to fight in the Reegloxian Nile, now dried out due to rising heat. The battle lasted 4 months. In the time that the battle took place, the Dynabloxian people were assured that they would win by Alex. Alex knew that his men didn't have the upper hand. It was almost an itch he had, that he would fail and his men would look like laughing stocks. The Dynabloxian people were worried as well. They sent their friends out, one by one, to fight in a war they all knew they had no chance of winning.
The news got back the Alex. He was... shocked. Almost frightened. ALL OF his men were wiped out, and the survivors were being held captive. He couldn't come out about this. But the people already knew. They wanted him to tell the truth. So he did.


Riots, death, destruction, pain, anger, everything was present in the Fall of Dynabloxia. People were enraged! The Robloxian Colosseum was destroyed, City Hall in shambles, the streets the people walked on now barely walkable, Alex stayed with his people as the world he had seemingly built had fallen all because he sent his men out to fight a war he knew they wouldn't win. Families seperated, people lost, it was horrible! People hopped in boats and manually sailed to Robloxia, to tell the tale of the things they saw.
The Robloxian Governent aided however they could after the riots. Alexnewtron was missing, nowhere to be seen. Robloxia took complete dictatorship over Dynabloxia, welcoming it into its family. Today, Dynabloxia, or New Dynabloxia remains exactly where it once was. It's descendant, Gobloxia, was a small island out in the west. On it, there is a giant plaque with the names of all those who went to war for basically nothing. The barbarians, were still at large. And now, they set their eyes on Robloxia.

End of Part 5
This isnt technically part 5 but it is. There is still more to come. I will go back in forth in the timeline a little bit, but not to much.
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