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Oct 2, 2021
I’m not giving important info so don’t ask

During the end of the Rotorian Era, and after the retirement of ScorpioPilot, Robloxia was peaceful. The economy was greater than ever, with many great companies we know today like Builder Bros. Pizza and Pinewood Builders rising up from small beginnings. The "Skywalker Program" originally formed by ScorpioPilot in 2013 A.S, had been remade into the NRSP, or, the National Robloxian Space Program. The Robloxian Government hired volunteers to venture out into the Metaverse. The current President, Linkmon99, or, known simply as "The Richest Robloxian to Ever Walk the Planet," had told his people that Robloxiankind would reach the Moon by 2016.
The Rotorian Era was largely considered to be the "era of innovation," with large ships like the "Innovation Inc. Spaceship" being launched on December 13th, 2015. Robloxian's had been everywhere, exploring the sky, digging deep into the planet they inhabited, inventing things nobody could even think of. By this point, Robloxian's wished for the future to pass by. It seemed only good things could happen from then on. But sadly, that wasn't the truth.


By the end of 2015, the next great thing could only come sooner. After all, the world was quiet, and peaceful. Robloxian's had triumphed over all evil, and the only evil that remained was petty crimes within the Neighborhood of Robloxia and the City of Robloxity. The "one world currency" act was still going strong. It was renamed to the "OWC" act. President Linkmon99 didn't think kindly of the act, but he didn't mind it. The council held a vote, and later that month, the act had finally become law, on April 14th, 2016. For at least two months the economy held strong. But, Linkmon99 was still a little worried about the act itself. But then, it happened. Blox Street, had finally collapsed.


This was known as the "straw that finally broke the camels back." The event in itself was known as "Blox Tuesday," and the day is foggy in the memory of those who witnessed it. A few days later, Builder Bros. Pizza and Pinewood Builders and many, many other companies, big and small, began laying off workers. One by one, the economy had collapsed, and with it, the reputation of many great people. The president, Linkmon99, had basically withered away, falling from power, just as his people had. With the fall of the economy came the fall of a nation.
The only way for Robloxia to make it out of a mass depression was if it split up into fractions of itself, all with different governments. The cracks that formed years prior had finally crumbled the foundation entirely, and now, the tower that was laid on the foundation was falling. And fast. No longer stood a great nation, held up by years of history and greatness, but now in its place stood a representation of failure, and error.
With the collapse of Robloxia, many small colonies rose up to power, wishing to take Robloxia's place, as the greatest country ever. But, with power comes competition. And with competition, comes war. No longer did there stand an overarching superpower over all Robloxian's. The world was free game, and everybody wanted it. This, would not end well. Luckily, Robloxian's had hope, elsewhere, in the Metaverse.

End of Part 9