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The History of Roblox(ia) THE GREAT DESTRUCTION OF 2012 A.S

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Oct 2, 2021
I’m not giving important info so don’t ask

Months after the fall of the Dynabloxian Empire, Barbarians set their eyes on Robloxia. Builderman, now weak and old, sent out his heir, Telamon, to lead the people. Telamon was a mysterious figure. Not even Builderman knew him well. But the people saw no other worthy Robloxian. After all, Telamon was the smartest, and the toughest. He had lead the army up Mt. Roblox to fight against 1x1x1x1, and he had survived the fall.

/\ telamon pictured above

His first act was to assist the Dynabloxian people. He knew that the Barbarians were still out there and still wanting to cause destruction. Little did he know, they had far more powerful means than just starting a few fires and waging wars. Just as 1x1x1x1 sent a horseman to alert the people of his rule, Julius Coles the Second had sent a squad of his own men to chant this phrase: "We do not fear, what you have leered at for so long. We send to you, this message of warning, for the next week you will be mourning!" The people were scared stiff. They didn't want history to repeat, after all, if it did they'd have to go through the process again! But Telamon calmed the people. What was there to be afraid of? The Robloxian people had showed their strength before, why not do it again?
But, Telamon was incorrect. The next week had passed, and as they promised, the Neighborhood of Robloxia was in flames! Cars and houses toppled over, families separated, all within one night. The people hated Telamon! He had told them to calm down, but this is what had happened? Why sit patiently awaiting death when you can fight back? The Barbarians left a message on the walls of City Hall: "This was the first step, for the next we will bound into chaos! The world you have built will fall, as it was meaningless! We will all live under one rule!"

/\ the Neighborhood of Robloxia during the raid

The entire town was destroyed. Nothing was left untouched. It was obvious what Coles was going to do next. He was aiming for larger things. Robloxity was certainly his next stop. After all, if you do one, then why not do the other? And so he did. Telamon, knowing this, locked down Robloxity. This wasn't enough. Robloxity was about to crumble and topple down like dominoes, comparable to the Fall of Dynabloxia. A giant wall was raised around the city. But the Barbarians broke through it. For the next week or so, the city was raided through and through.

/\ image of Robloxity during the raid

After the Barbarians left, Telamon addressed the people: "My friends, this was a terrible event. The city that belonged to you has been ruined and ripped from your hands, by these Barbarians. We will fight back, and regain what was ours. We will regain our spirit, our soul, and our pride! We will not give up!" The people were happy. Finally, something was being done about this. The Barbarians were vicious people, and the last time Robloxian's messed with them they lost. This was the start of something new. Finally, an era was ending. And a new one was beginning.

End of Part 6
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