The Horror Story Games on Roblox (Stuff like Camping, Prison Break, etc.) have a consistency error.


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Jun 6, 2019
WARNING: This has no harmful intentions, and I will try to keep ranting to a minimum.

A: No promises that I won't rant, but hopefully I won't, and
B: This is meant to let the developers know that these games have an issue with the story.

So... Horror Story games. They're great games, with all honesty. Relying on co-op to survive the events, having to make sacrifices so that your team to progress safely, and the complete lack of P2W gameplay make these games respectable. VERY respectable. But... They have issues with the story. Specifically, the lack of consistency with... The plot.

Examples are best shown in the original: Camping, by Samson 16 (XVI translates to 16 in Roman Numerals). Best being the monster's motives. See, the twist ending shows the monster tried to kill the killer, who allegedly poisoned the sandwiches. Now, here's the thing. The killer is decided by RNG, right? At the ending where multiple people survive? Yeah, that's where it's revealed he's a good guy. But then, how would the killer poison the sandwiches. And if it IS by RNG, wouldn't that mean that the killer, who did poison it, could be ANYWHERE for all we knew when it WAS poisoned? So when did he do it? And another thing. Everyone gets the same treatment. Everyone goes through the same steps, so, really... If a player is the killer, their reaction is: Wait WHAT?! When did I DO that?!

See the problem? It just acts as if they did it, when we don't even know when, how, why, and even WHO did it. Their motive would just be because the game said so, rather than they had a vendetta against someone, and tried to kill them. But there'd be witnesses.

Another problem in it of itself, is the monster. It wants to kill the killer, right? Well why would it kill people who DEFINITELY are innocent if they ARE killed by him? Keep in mind, if you die, you're shot straight back to the menu, removing the possibility of it being the person who died. He went crazy because if the killer incident. But... From the killer. Not an innocent guy. So, what are his motives for an innocent, and why can't he try to find the killer first?

And lastly. The bag. It has no name, then suddenly it DOES have a name by the end? What? Does it need an explanation as to why it's inconsistent? It does? Well the game's bag is made in Roblox Studio, and players can't wear a gear of the same backpack. So... How does the bag get there, who wrote the name of the person on it, why would it be their bag if they can't even put it on to prove they have it, and, more importantly, why is it theirs to begin with? Because the game says so? That's... Just awful.

Again, I don't mean harm. I actually mean the opposite. I just want the dev to see that the game's story has inconsistencies that need to be addressed, hopefully leading into an update with a story that has great consistency, to back up the wonderfully designed gem.

Thank you for your patience, and please. Can someone reach this out to Samson 16?
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