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THE VAST Universe!!! CosEvo Part 1!

Jul 26, 2018
Cosmos Evolution is a Roblox Series set 4 Billions years in the future. At this point in time Earth is not inhabitable due to the son expanding and becoming a Red Giant. Earth has not been inhabitable for billions of years. But humans have found a way to colonize other planets before being wiped out. Now the whole Galaxy is full of colonized planets. But not all of them are colonized by humans. As a matter of fact, Not even the majority of them are Human colonized planets. We stumble across a planet called Aeria. Home of the Aerians. The Aerians are enologent creatures. Enologent creatures are beings that can wield a special energy called Vine. Vine is a hot energy that only it's wielder is resistant to. These beings use Vine as a weapon, or for self defense. Vine powers their bodies and makes them stronger. And Aerians have a lot of it. Making them naturally stronger than Humans. But over the billions of years, Humans have also evolved into Enologent beings too. But they are in the beginning stages, which makes them weaker than beings who have had Enologent powers for Millions of years. One thing Humans have over Aerians is intelligence. Aerians aren't the smartest beings. They are very barbaric. They get into lots of conflics, and have a tendency to fight, offend, and defend. And all of this, leads up to unforgetable events. To be continued.
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