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TRIA.os I Roblox

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Apr 12, 2021
TRIA.os Is An FE2 Fan Game Where You Play With 26 Other People To Escape The Flood And Press Buttons To Activate Helpful Obstacles To Escape The Flood.

History: At 2020 A Person Called Enszo Got All Of His Maps Deleted At FE2CM. He Got Banned From Crazyblox's Discord Server So He Promised That He Will Convert His Maps To A New Game Called TRIA.os. After A While His Maps Came Back TO FE2CM But They Are Now Broken.

Enszo Has 18 Maps. Here Are The Names
Chapter 1: Ruins
After Flashbacks

Chapter 2: Time Machine
Between Time
Time Machine

Chapter 3: Digitalization

Chapter 4: Dystopian Future
Dark Future (Future Ruins Revamp)
Waving Facility (Revamp In Progress)

Chapter 5: The Finale?

Chapter 6: The Monochorme Expansion
Lost In Time

Chapter 7: The Grand Finale
The Grand Finale

Here Are The ID'S To The Maps Of Enszo
Flashbacks [6470893553]
After Flashbacks [6501055460]
Between Time [6505234954]
Time Machine [6519529118]
Digitalization [6519529118]
Digitalized [6539024249]
Dark Future [6591195073]
Dystopia [6586196296]

As You See The Maps You Saw In The Map List Is Called ''The Timeline'. ''The Timeline' Is A Connection Of Enszo's Maps.

Wallrun: A Wallrun Is Like A Walljump But Pushes You Foward Or Upward.
Walljump: Walljumps Are Walls With Arrows So If You Jump To A Walljump You Will Stick To It After Jump Foward To Go Upward And Repeat Until You Reach The Top.
Air Tank: Just Like In FE2 An Air Tank Gives You 300+ Air.
Buttons: Buttons Activate A Obstacle That Can Help You Escape The Flood.
Exit Region: A Green Area Where You Survive A Round And Take Note That After Winning A Round You Can't Die.
Exit Block: Blocks You From Going Outside The Exit Region.

When A Map Of Enszo Had Been Added To TRIA.os It Gets Updated Or Revamped. Here Are The Changes.
Flashbacks -Changed lightning -Changed button colors -Changed button locator colors

After Flashbacks -Button locator colors -Button locator image is now "classic" -Ambient is a bit brighter -The crack in the middle of the broken lobby is now slightly bigger, patching some shortcuts -Slight detail change inside of the broken flood escape lobby -Door to training area no longer has a broken opening -Removed some out of place fires -Changed the size of 2 small black blocks in the training area to remove z-fighting -Nerfed the 0.5 jumps in the training area to 2stud jumps -Removed the gap after singleplayer section -Made the water work in final area -Made some delay values longer, has no effect on singleplayer but does in multiplayer

Between Time -Button locator image - Button locator colors - Lighting changes - Fixed the gap between the vent and the vertigo room -
- Removed the FE3 logo in the final room

Time Machine -Button locator colors changed -Small lighting improvements -2012 FE lobby nerf -Assigned a custom water state to the FE1 room part to make it replicate fe1 water -Made the button in the tower a group button -Fixed the lava in the final stretch

Digitalization -Button locator image changed -Button locator colors changed -Fixed lava walls -Decreased part count

Digitalized -Added detail to the first tower -Nerfed the first truss -Nerfed some other jumps in the first tower -Added a minor amount of detail to the red tower -Changed the red tower's gameplay at the end of it -Changed the detail of the purple room -Buffed gameplay in the purple room -Added detail to the moving holojumps room -Buffed the conveyor part -Added minor details to the spinning laser room -Changed the button locator image -Changed the button locator colors -Changed the lighting to be a bit brighter

Dark Future -what didn't get changed?

Dystopia -Button locators changed -Button colors changed -Slight lighting changes -Patched a shortcut at the spinning camera room -Changed the ending to make way for waving facility's revamp

Note: TRIA.os Is In Beta Development You May Experience Bugs

This Is An Updated Version Of My Old Version

Bye! For Now...
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When All Of The Maps Are Converted I Will Make A New Thread Of This
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