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Nov 14, 2020
🍣Greetings! Welcome to Tsunami Sushi! My name is Krizia. How many people are in your party?🍣

🍣Sensational! Our seating choices comprise of; Inside, Outside, the Bar, Hibachi Grill, VIP, and Party Room.🍣

🌸Please acknowledge that a game pass is required in order to sit in the VIP area.🌸

🍣Phenomenal choice! Please follow me to your desired seating arrangement.🍣

🌸Is this seating alright? If not, I'd be more than happy to move you to a new location. Please notify me if so.🌸

🍣May I start off with any refreshing beverages or would you like some time to browse the menu?🍣

🍣That sounds delicious! Please give me a moment to go and grab your desired beverage.🍣

🍜We're now moving onto appetizers. Our appetizers may be found in the "Bowls" section on our menu.🍜

🍣Scrumptious decision! As I grab your appetizer, please browse the menu for your entree.🍣

🍜We're now moving on to your entree(s). Our entrees are located under our "Sushi Rolls" and "Nigiri" section on the menu.🍜

🍨Succulent choice! I will grab your entree now. Please view the menu if you'll be having dessert.🍨

🍨If you'd like to skip to dessert, that is doable as well. Just let me know.🍨

🍨I have returned with your dessert. Is there anything else you'd like before your visit here comes to an end?🍨

💸Alrighty! I'll go grab your bill. Please wait here as I will be here promptly.💸

🌸I have returned with your bill. Please acknowledge that this bill is for roleplay purposes only.🌸

🍣Thank you for visiting Tsunami Sushi! Feel free to come again. Please pay at the front desk. Have a splendid day!🍣
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