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Unions disappearing?

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Jul 23, 2018

My "team" (or rather friends) and I are currently working on a very, very, very, very large (enormous amounts of parts, only stating this as an answer to the "well, don't create unions"-argument.) project, and to make it playable on at least some rigs we've started unionize(?) as much as possible. So our game is like 80% unions and 20% actual parts, which is all well and good, if not for the unions disappearing from this plane of existence from time to time.

Duplicated a part? Well, now half the wall is gone. Moved a structure? Well, now 3 structures are gone. It's not just the unions either, but some of the parts as well. Anyone encountered this? Know how to fix it? It's getting tedious to have to rebuild half the build every hour or so...

Thanks in advance and apologies for broken English.