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Update regarding drama & gossip on RobloxForum

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Hey everyone

Due to recent events between groups of members over drama, you might've noticed several people being demotivated or discouraged to use our website, as drama takes up a lot of mental capacity for both members and moderators.

Of course, we dont want people to quit the platform over some silly drama, so I've decided to propose a couple of new ideas, hoping to completely shut down on drama within our website:

  • As of now, any content posted on RobloxForum relating to drama between members will be deleted and treated as spam. This includes threads, profile posts and, in most cases, private messages. The RF Discord server will also be regulated more tightly to ensure nothing starts up on there.

  • Drama relating to members of the website will not be moderated if it takes place on unofficial platforms (e.g. off-site, or on Discord servers apart from our official one). Moderators will not be responsible as staff for regulating drama if it occurs off-site, so please do not message mods asking to ban or warn people. We cannot control what others do outside of RF, so we won't moderate it.

  • If a situation arises where a member exposes private documents or information of an RF user on our platforms, then said member will be permanently and irreversibly banned from the website as soon as possible. We absolutely do not allow doxxing to any extent.
The measures stated here are a combination of pre-existing measures and ones that have been implemented in response to recent events and are effective immediately.

We will also be deleting any pre-existing evidence of drama from recent dates, so feel free to report anything you think fits this criteria. 😄

Not open for further replies.