Welcome to Arcadia Studios (Myself)


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Apr 11, 2019
Hello lads and ladies

My name is (Private) you can call me Arcadian as my gamertag, i am a 4 year roblox player, i have started a huge project for a new type of battleroyale game mode, however i am stuck in the middle of doing a 20,055 x 20,055 map size of DayZ cherno map, or make idivudual cities and areas which could span upwards 6000x6000 studs big per arena, however i myself is a Quote (Terrible) coder i only know basics. so i am currently in the process of recreating Elektro and have done 3% of it in total, this project is expected to be completed by 2021 with full coding done if i can find sombody to code alot for free and be part of the game development team which is currently (me) im more of a designer than a coder but have great ideas of what i want the game to have however thats only a dream of mine becuase of the coding aspect, you may ask why dont you use a free model or script for guns, zombies, and other stuff like that (well) my friend if i can build the DayZ from scratch using only couple of free models 1-3 from the DayZ buildings im pretty sure i want my own unique coding, Deadzone had died out due to players leaking the code and roblox not fixing all these exploits, DayZ even a top end pc runs 40 fps max sometimes and this is outragous how are you supposed to play a zombie apoc game where its so low fps?, Apocalypse rising is a small and none enjoyable map where theres not a place to snipe or even be stealthy its really open with no forests or camping places for good snipers or surprise abushes, this is why i want to make a DayZ on roblox which not only functions but also can let low end players to play a more low poly DayZ for fun, no doubt in my mind i can image this game being popular with 5k+ players if it works perfectly, so thats concludes me and my project im working on right now.