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Welp, my late introduction


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Apr 24, 2019
Your closet
Well, I figure out one of the main reasons why I lost @Aaron giveaway in the spring
As you can see I've never done one of these, I just pop up and was like welp I am here

So in order to kinda introduce myself, I guess I'll just give a brief summary about me

Hey Hey Hey, it's ElHomburgerGuy!
That guy that comes on here and posts memes and such
Imma big boy that's been playing Roblox since 2009, but I lost my first account and I currently play on the account known as Si_ber

Besides that outside the screen, I'm a weird mix of stereotypes in one person
-I have the body of a jock
-But yet I'm such a nerd about everything

When it comes to sports, I basically do any sort of combat sport right now I'm currently wrestling, I have done Ju Jit Su, and karate as well

School wise, I'm majoring in arctechual designment and hope to pursue a carrier in that field
However, it's not truly my dream job that's between Voice Acting, or a Cartoonist, I am trying to learn digital art better but my tablet broke awhile back and by the looks of it, I probably need a new one.

When it comes to other things, uhh...
I have friends so I'm not lonely what so ever, I may not have many friends but my relationships with them are pretty deep (That's kinda why I like the forum a lot, it's small but it allows me to make stronger relationships with the people here) I also gotta girlfriend, I think thats nice to have. Hopefully, I keep being a decent man for her because that's all I really need to be (well there's a lot of things I need to be none the less I try to fulfill them)

Besides the late intro which I kinda apologize for (should have done it when, you know, I got here)
But now I can actually be part of Aarons next giveaway (which maybe never) but I'm still glad to be on this forum and I'll continue to do what I do on it, which is to be a nice guy and post memes and help out with the knowledge I have.
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Feb 21, 2018
why should i tell you i don't use it
cool nice to see someone actually have a life
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