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Sponsored What is sponsored content?

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Dec 8, 2017
Sponsored content is for users who want to pay to have their threads shown for a certain duration on the home page of this website, in order to get more exposure to their thread.

How can I sponsor my thread?
If you'd like to give your content more exposure, for potentially thousands of people to view, you can purchase a sponsorship slot from the account upgradestab (must be logged in to view)

  1. Purchase your desired sponsorship length.
  2. Create the thread that you would like to sponsor under Off Topic.
  3. Message me (Aaron) with a link to the thread that you would like to sponsor, along with your PayPal email so payment may be verified.
  4. Once your thread has been reviewed it will appear be displayed.

Display Positions:
Your thread will be displayed in the following positions for the duration you have purchased:
  1. Top of Home page.
  2. Top of What's New page.
  3. This sub-forum (stickied)

Home page:

What's New Page:

Sticky Post:

  • All threads will be moderated before being sponsored, so any breaking of the rules will not be permitted.
  • No immature content.
  • Once the thread has been accepted for a sponsored position, you will not be able to edit or delete the thread.
  • Only 3 threads can be sponsored at a time, so if all positions are taken, yours will be placed in queue.
  • Once your sponsorship has expired, it will be manually disabled by an administrator (so you may get extra time if we're not online ;) )
  • Once your sponsorship has expired, it will still remain in this sub-forum, but the prefix [Sponsored] will be removed, and it will be unstickied.
  • Your thread will need to be manually approved by an administrator, so it may take up to 24 hours to review and apply the sponsorship.
  • Sometimes we take time off (yes I know, incredible) so we may not see your request for some time. Please be patient.
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