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What should I start with?


New Member
Jun 29, 2020
Posting this here because the official DevForum is stupid.

So I and my dev group have come up with an excellent idea (still searching for a modeller btw!). Everyone's who's been informed about our ROBLOX game idea showed some form of interest. We, the devs, all collectively came up with the idea and everyone had their own concepts and features to add to the game. As an experienced dev, I know that not organizing ideas often leads to the project being abandoned, so we set up a Trello and noted down all of our ideas and finished by all agreeing to one collective idea. Now, we've started development, however, it's a little bit messy and I'd like to tidy it up a bit. So, my question is how exactly should I proceed with the creation of my game? We've got the idea, it's only time to officialize it and start development, but I'm unsure of what we should start with and leave for last.

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