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Selling What to know about selling your accounts, newcomers.

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Jan 17, 2019
somewhere over the rainbow
When you're on the Roblox Forum and are looking to sell your account, you should probably look for these factors.

1. Username
Putting your username is a necessity. We buyers and traders want to look up your account. Also it determines whether it is a name snipe (rare) or not.

2. Limited Items:
If you have any limited items, please list them. If you have any limited items, please let us know otherwise we won't be interested.

3. RAP
RAP allows you to know the value of one's account. If you want to know your RAP, make sure your inventory is public. Next, Go to rolimons.com/players and click "Add Player". Type in your username and click Add. Then, search up your username and you will find your Rolimons Profile along with your limited items and RAP. Your RAP depends on your limited items (collectibles).

4. Gamepasses
If you have any gamepasses on any game, let us know. A lot of us may share the same likes of games as you.