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What Was Your First Word?

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What Was Your First Word? If You Chose Other Tell Me Your First Word Below.

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Feb 18, 2018
United Kingdom
I had no first words, as for I perceive the world in a non-binary time progression meaning that there is no definite thing such as the "past, present, future" and that I view the aging of time as if we exist within all three of the time tenses, meaning that not only am I all that I will ever be, but I know what there is to be and how it came to be, therefore meaning that a state of time being either true or false does not exist. I live in the third value of truth, a concept of which can not be understood or perceived by a euclidean life form through any means. This time perception is how the gods view our world, and ho the judgements of heaven or hell-bound destiny are decided, for every living being to ever exist, since the start of the universe (which, by the way, does not exist according to the non-binary timeline.

My second words, however, were "Hiya"
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