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What’s your biggest inspiration?

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If you won't let yourself fail, you won't improve
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Apr 24, 2019
Anonymous in the USA
If I'm gonna be legit with this question, just seeing people make awesome stuff gets me inspired more and more to do stuff on my own.


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Oct 27, 2018
Killnos XD#3261
My main inspirations in no particular order:

Martin Garrix - Made his first hit at 17, the things he's been able to achieve since then were incredible, and he proved that it's possible to keep the same active following and you should always make music you enjoy.

Avicii - His music is just beautiful, he was the only celebrity that made me cry when he passed.
There's also a really good story about how he wanted to make country inspired songs, and he got laughed at by everyone, he became a literal meme because of how "bad" his idea was, next thing you know, 2 billion views.

Alok - We produce the same music genre, he's also one of the 3 artists, that have song(s) that make me feel a certain way. (other ones are Avicii and Meduza) He is really talented, and did some really smart stuff with marketing and all that.

Skrillex - He is honestly my biggest inspiration, like, he literally popularized and modernized a genre in a warehouse with only his program, and a pair of broken headphones, then why can't I do that? That was my main motivation since then, also my dad listened to a lot of Skrillex back then, so that also played a big part in why I want to become a music producer now, and my love for Dubstep.
(Fun fact: when I was younger, the art teacher would let us play music while we drew, and I played this cause it sounded sick, I of course didn't understand the lyrics or anything, and I got in trouble.)
(Fun fact 2: I was scared from the music video of Bangarang, and I still really dislike that song cause of bad memories not because it's actually bad)

Meduza - Those guys never disappointed, all of their music sounds so positive and heart warming, geniuses. They really inspired my music taste and my love for listening to the radio while travelling at night.

Imanbek - Imagine for a second, you're 19, working 12 hours a day on a train station, but you got a little over a year experience in music production, one day you find a song you don't really like, remix it, it blows up on Tik Tok, and next thing you know you get a grammy for it. It's so sudden, even the guy who made the song doesn't understand how he made it. (I wish this was a joke lmao) but now he's collabing with people like David Guetta, Marshmello, Fetty Wap, Don Diablo. I'm so happy for him tho, it must be so hard for him. It's just a big inspiration, to know, that the song you're currently working on might be the one.

Dua Lipa (you prolly saw that coming lmao) - She is really smart with a lot of good marketing tactics, and she developed a certain style she held onto for years, that granted her success. She also helped bring back the synhpop.