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Why you should not play Area-113 roleplay

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Apr 18, 2021
I wanna start by saying I was intern there it's not what you expect they have immature staff and etc. Now lemme cut the the chase I joined the server somewhat last year I was active I supported the group by buying gamepasses I applied for staff and got the job it was all fine. Then it all hit smack dab down when I retired or quit the reason I quit was for I was I could not be promoted until I matured enough aka not acting childish. Well I got furious over SkullTail calling me immature when Pastatail could not even ban a simple kid that was 11 in the vc because of her reason "Cute voice" number 1 your putting the community at risky of termination if you don't ban him. Legal age to be on discord is 13+ now 2 days gone by I thought nothing of me quitting so I decided to hope on to find me banned for raiding on alternative accounts. I've never owned or possessed more then 1 account in roblox at that time nor was I on during thoes 2 days. I open discord and opend a ticket and asked why I was banned for raiding on a alt account when I never had one the response "You have been banned from SCP-E for | Raiding on a alt account" that's when I made my first alternative account I joined the game because all staff was online at the time. I state who I am and why I was banned and if I can get unbanned I was denied and banned again. So at this point I'm furious that I spend more then 5k on the game just for it to be usless. In all it's just a toxic Community. JudgeTail aka neotail now takes things way outta line and bans you for non sense. But either way I suggest any other RP game but that group.
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